Secondary School Afternoon Activities

High quality clubs and activities are an essential part of Doha College life.  They provide opportunities to enrich student’s experiences beyond the curriculum and are an excellent medium to foster good relationships between teachers and students.  They develop student’s social skills by providing a forum for interaction between students of different ages and schools.

Doha College recognises that extracurricular activities represent a valuable aspect of the learning process and contribute to the development of a rounded individual.  Extracurricular activities supplement and complement the traditional curriculum and provide opportunities for students to broaden their horizons in ways that would not be possible with the confines of the curriculum alone.  We feel that it is particularly important to provide opportunities for students to explore and expand their gifts and talents in other areas.

Clubs and activities are designed to promote a positive attitude and to help students to channel their leisure time constructively.  At Doha College we aim to give students opportunities to:


  • Participate in a variety of clubs.
  • Safely enjoy well organised clubs.
  • Be involved in competitive activities which take place in a friendly and sporting atmosphere.
  • Make an active contribution to DC and/or the wider community through their participation.
  • Develop and extend their skills.


Students are encouraged to become involved in the extra-curricular programme, and once they join an activity, continued attendance is expected. The vast majority of these classes are free, but there is a charge for some, such as horse riding or golf, to cover the costs incurred.


Some Important Points:

  • Activities do not run during the first and last week of each term unless your teacher instructs you otherwise.
  • Don't forget that all students are expected to attend at least one activity for the duration of the term.
  • You can help with the running of some activities.  Just ask the teacher and volunteer your help - This is exactly the type of thing that looks great on your university applications or for the service component of your International Award.
  • You only need to  sign up if it says so in the IMPORTANT INFORMATION column of the table.  Otherwise just turn up and enjoy yourself.