Year 8 excel with excellent effort

Today, as we celebrated British Sports Relief day,  it was the turn of our Year 8's to receive their reports from our principal, Dr Steffen Sommer. 

Tina Jackson, the Head of Year 7 explained why, "These students are a shining example to their peers and a credit to the school. They have been selected as they have achieved 7 or more excellent effort grades in their school report."

Rohan Gupta who is 13 years old achieved 10 excellent effort grades and several grade 7s in his target grades which is an outstanding achievement. His favourite subjects are maths, IT and German and French. Rohan also has a creative side and played 80s music hero Adam Ant in the recent drama production of Romeo and Juliet.

Fellow Year 8 student Annika Coutinho achieved 11 excellent effort grades and her favourite subjects are English, history and French. Annika is keen on sports too and plays as a midfielder for the Doha College girls football team.

Another keen sportsperson is Ellie Walters, who combines her studies with an active sports programme, playing netball and football as well as running in the Liz McColgan led running club.Ellie achieved 12 excellent effort grades and her favourite subjects are maths, science and PE unsurprisingly.

Lastly, we met with Mustafa Al-Janabi who achieved 9 excellent effort grades and confirmed that his success is down to studying a lot. Mustafa is a keen artist who draws regularly. Many of our community will also recognise him as the beat boy who died in the recent Romeo & Juliet drama production.

Nick Croker, Head of KS3, summed up the students' success, "these students really do embody the ethos and core values of Doha College - having fun, but also putting in effort to achieve excellence."

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Friday, 20 October 2017