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As we start the new academic year, let me extend a warm welcome to our returning students and parents, and a special welcome to our new students and parents.Many of them will be starting school in a new country, and our youngest children will be taking their very first steps on their educational journey – thank you all for choosing Doha College.

We have also welcomed many new staff to Doha College this year, their details can be seen below and you can also find their contact information in our website staff directory.

I am confident that all our new starters will soon feel an integral part of our community and contribute to college life as actively as generations before.The positivity and sheer level of engagement during the first full days in Primary and Secondary were testament of the very infectious spirit we generate and uphold; I loved the photos on our Facebook page which captured a fantastic range of emotions to that effect.

As we complete the first year of our High Performance Learning programme, I am delighted to announce the best ever examination results in the history of Doha College. These results see Doha College ranked among the highest achieving schools within the BSME, COBIS and HMC networks, a commendable achievement which makes us all immensely proud.

Highlights of the 2017 examination results are:

Understandably and on behalf of all of us, I feel incredibly uplifted by our students' discernible dedication to learning and, by what they have achieved as a result. Thank you to you, as parents, and to our staff; you have contributed immeasurably to these notable results. I wish our alumni every success as they head off to universities across the world to further their studies.

While clearly exhilarated by what our students achieved this summer, you will all know that Doha College is not just about examination success.We are focussing on educating the whole child, placing equal importance on the students' personal, social and moral development as well as a high level of engagement in extra-curricular activities. In that spirit, please encourage your son(s)/daughter(s) to get involved and take part. Details of the available activities will be on our parent portal (Firefly), shortly.

Pepped up by the achievements of the summer, we are looking forward to another challenging but immensely exciting year at Doha College.The key highlights of what is to come are:

1.Continued work towards the completion of our three-year Development Plan – we have already achieved 54 out of the 141 priorities we set ourselves last year; we are expecting to complete a further 40 of the 141 this year. Some priorities are of course ongoing.

2.Feedback on the recent Parent Survey – thank-you to all parents who took the time to contribute.The results and the ensuing action plan will be shared with all parents shortly.

3.New Campus updates - we have been very busy over the summer with the new campus.Parents will informed about the details shortly.

4.Four new 6th Form courses have started this year with students now studying Travel & Tourism, Environmental Science, Sociology and BTEC Sports Coaching. More details can be found on our website.

With so many events and activities taking place at the college, clear communication is key.Please be reminded that our main interface for all communication from the Secondary and Primary Schools is the parent portal (Firefly).The Primary School also use Class DoJo for many informal day-to-day communications.All new parents would have received details on how to register for these portals this week.

The Doha College website, and our channels on social media, e.g. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, are also fantastic touch points for you to visit on a regular basis, so you can keep abreast of what is going on, and see the plethora of learning opportunities that your children can access at Doha College.

I would like to wish you all the very best for the term and the academic year which, I am confident, your children will immensely enjoy.Thank you in anticipation for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Dr Steffen Sommer


What a great result for our IGCSE students!
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Friday, 22 September 2017