Charities Committee

Who Are We?

The Doha College Charities Committee is a 6th Form student-run group that raises substantial donations towards a chosen charity. Each year we selected one main charity as well as others to fundraise towards. This academic year 2014/15 we have chosen to support Cancer Research and Comic Relief.

Our charities commitee changes each year with each member of our committee chosen by the heads of the committee. Members are chosen for their work ethic, personality and their desire to help. The selection process involves written applications and interviews with a final decision made by the heads of the committee:.

This year 2014/14 the heads of our Charities Committee are:

Cynthia Hanna, Ayah Mekhaimar and Dylon Wong


Have a look at our Youtube channel ChariTV where you will find our promotional video giving an overview of our Charities Committee and our targets for the 2014/15 academic year. Be sure to subscribe to this channel as there is tons more to come!

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Our 2014/15 Charity Commitee members are:

  • Ramal Ratnayake
  • Kartik Sharma
  • Fanzil Feroz
  • Dulshan Jayasekara
  • Adam Mukhalalati
  • Hiba Youssef
  • Tamara Ristic
  • Thusan Puhalendran
  • Stewart Morrison
  • Kane Bastick
  • Nyasha Mutezo
  • Aadil Kirmani
  • Sparsh Gupta
  • Natalia Faizal
  • Haya Muftah
  • Zulfa Al-Thani
  • Sizi Komakoma
  • Achintya Suden
  • Jerahmeel Bautista
  • Lucrezia Brunette

Why take part?

Charity work is valued by everyone because raising your own money to help others brings a massive feeling of achievement. Being in the Charities Committee will help improve your organisational skills immensely as we are continuously planning and organising events throughout the year. It will become an important part of who you are in the school, and make you feel part of a community. It will improve your team-working skills and is an amazing opportunity to make your fundraising ideas a reality. And finally, it's fun! =))