Design & Technology

Design and Technology is an ever changing subject in the face of education. The philosophy we endeavour to work by is one if individuality, creativity and responsibility for the students own learning. From KS3, students are given the opportunity to develop their lateral thinking skills in order to solve fairly broad problems. As they reach Key Stages 4 & 5 they are given more freedom to cultivate the knowledge of the environment they live in through investigating and analyzing topics of their own choosing. The end result is to hopefully allow them to understand how their role, and those of the professional designer, have and can continue to influence society in a positive manner.

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The Department, through the delivery of a Design & Technology curriculum, seeks to support the general aims and mission statement of the Doha College.

It is the Department's aims to:

  1. Promote the ability to make reasoned decisions and adapt to change
  2. Promote the understanding that through the ages man’s quality of life has been largely determined by his ability to design and make systems, artefacts and environments
  3. Provide situations that encourage students to use their intellectual and practical skills to identify and analyse problems and design and make solutions to those problems that can be tested and evaluated
  4. Increase student awareness of the needs and wants of others when designing
  5. Establish a safe understanding of working with materials, tools, components and machines
  6. Develop the ability to communicate ideas and information through a variety of different mediums
  7. Provide an equal opportunity for all students to express themselves creatively
  8. Provide the opportunity for the development and integration of skills and knowledge learnt in other subjects
  9. Develop and encourage healthy and enquiring minds, capable of critical assessment of products we use and see in everyday life
  10. Develop key personal attributes through courses that demand initiative, ingenuity, resourcefulness, motivation, involvement, co-operation, patience, sensitivity and commitment
  11. Encourage the understanding of industry and the world of commerce
  12. Encourage a discerning attitude towards personal standards of work
  13. Initiate an appreciation of the value and role of aesthetics in the designing, making and using of products
  14. Create in the students an awareness of the impact of the rapid technological changes happening in modern society