Design & Technology - Key Stage 3

In KS3, the objective is to give students the opportunity to gain knowledge and learn a variety of skills through a series of design projects. These are not only linked to the programmes of study put forward by the DFES but have been designed to augment the student's ability to think laterally. The curriculum for Key Stage 3 is outlined below;

Year 7Year 8Year 9
The first part of a three stage, inter-department project. In groups, students will be asked to design and make a lamp based around an Arabic theme. A development of graphic and practical skills through a design and make task to create a phone holder. A continuation of graphic skills through an interior design project leading to presentation drawings and a model of a re-designed tuck shop.
An introductory graphics course based on designing and modelling a container to hold liquid. A design and make project based around the theme of ‘time’ which utilizes CAD during the designing stages and CAM for manufacturing out of acrylic. A design and make project based around the theme of jewellery which utilizes metal and acrylic whilst introducing industrial practices associated with these materials.
A project based around the designing of a child’s wooden jigsaw, followed by its manufacture in a resistant material. A textile based project, which will introduce students to the basic skills involved in textiles. Students will design and make an iPad pouch. Students will work through a series of key skills in the technology workshop to create a variety of different mini projects.

Assessment at Key Stage 3

Every project will be accompanied by a booklet. This will include a project outline which covers the aims, experiences and key vocabulary that will be covered over the twelve-week period. Within the booklets level descriptors are included which will allow the students, and parents, to see the level to which the students are working.