Design & Technology - Key Stage 4

All projects in Year 10 are designed to prepare the students for the coursework requirements during year 11, as well as the 2 hour theory exam. Each of the projects covered is outlined below.

Term 1Term 2Term 3
A design and make project based on plastics and their processes in an industrial environment. It also augments existing graphic and practical skills as well as focusing on material wastage the environment, accuracy and quality of finish. A design and make project introducing corporate identity, branding and packaging. It also introduces students to the key elements of graphic products and the industrial materials and manufacturing techniques used in them as well as the environmental concerns linked with packaging. All students are to begin their major coursework that accounts for 60% of the final GCSE grade. Strict deadlines will be outlined and must be adhered to, ensuring work does not become overbearing in the final stages of the course.

During term three of Year 10, the students start their GCSE major project. The students are expected to meet the deadlines set and this allows the students to put themselves into a good position ready for Year 11.
During Year 11 the students follow the AQA Design and Technology: Product Design specification. This consists of two units. Unit One is the written paper which is worth 40% of the overall grade. Unit Two is the design and make practice, which is worth 60% of the overall grade. This unit is a controlled assessment and consists of a single design and make activity.

Assessment at Key Stage 4

Every project in Year 10 will be accompanied by a booklet. This will include a project outline which covers the aims, experiences and key vocabulary that will be covered. Within the booklets, there is a descriptor of the work that each student is expected to complete during the project. The Year Ten project will be marked against the GCSE Product Design descriptors and grades will be awarded between A-E.
In Year 11, teachers will mark Unit Two (the coursework) against the mark scheme stated in the AQA Design and Technology: Product Design specification. These marks are submitted to AQA and a number of coursework entries are selected for external moderation.