Exam concessions

Doha College’s curriculum is firmly based on the teaching standards from the United Kingdom and therefore follows the British examination schedule. This means our examination procedures are strictly governed by the Joint Councils for Qualifications (JCQ) which outlines the guidelines that schools must follow in relation to administering examinations. This also impacts on the Learning Support Department as it governs the examination concessions (or access arrangements) that may be granted to students with identified learning needs.

In order for Doha College to consider applying for these concessions, students must first be assessed by an educational psychologist that holds recognised qualifications from the United Kingdom. This report should then be presented to the Head of Learning Support. This does not guarantee that examination concessions will be granted as there are other rules set out by the JCQ that Doha College must also adhere to.

Examination Concessions are granted to some students to allow them to access the paper at a level playing field with their peers, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding to the examination board. They are not there to give candidates an unfair advantage.

For more information regarding examination concessions, please view the policy and fee structure document, here.