ICT - 6th Form

The ICT Department would like to offer an exciting opportunity by running the WJEC GCE A Level in ICT. This is an excellent skills course. Highly motivating, it will develop the knowledge and skills students need to be competent and informed ICT users and practitioners.
You do not have to have (I)GCSE in order to embark on this course as we will redress topics covered in the IGCSE and expand on them. You just need to be enthusiastic!
It gives students a wide choice of progression options into further study, training, or relevant employment. Students who successfully complete the qualification will be well equipped to move onto degrees in related subjects such as E-business, Multimedia, Game design ICT, Information Management and Computing to name a but few. These are essential to the success of the course as the students will need to become more aware of their surroundings.

GCE Structure

This qualification adopts the GCE structure, the AS is the first half of the course, A2 the second, with each part contributing 50% of the total Advanced GCE marks. The AS Level is made up of two units.
For the practical elements of the course we will using mainly Microsoft Office software but we will also be using and developing skills in Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver. The theory parts of the course include how ICT impacts upon everyday life in business, home, health and education. As well as networks and management of systems.

What Level is Right for Me?

We offer this course on two levels both as a single AS Level Award which can be taken over one or two years and as an Advanced GCE Award which would be taken over the two years.
The options available are:
AS Level Award: 5 periods per week over one year
A2 Level Award: 5 periods per week over two years


AS Examination

  • Unit 1 ‘Information Systems’ – Theory Exam – 30% towards A2 grade
    • Part 1 – Theory
    • Part 2 – Spreadsheet
  • Unit 2 ‘Presenting Information’ – Internally Assessed – 20% towards A2 grade
    • Task 1 – Desktop Publishing
    • Task 2 – Mail merge with macros
    • Task 3 – Presentations

A2 Examination

  • Unit 3 ‘Use and Impact of ICT’ – Theory Exam – 30% towards A2 grade
  • Unit 4 ‘Relational Database Project’ – Internally Assessed – 20% towards A2 grade

For more information please view the two documents below: