ICT - Key Stage 3

All students in Year 7, 8 and 9 study Information and Communication Technology as part of a discrete, planned, timetabled programme taught by specialists. The curriculum is closely tied in with the National Curriculum for England (POS) and our schemes of work incorporate some of the QCA-produced schemes which are not only well-detailed and clearly structured but also provide a large bank of resources for staff and students.

Students work on relevant and meaningful assignments of varying lengths which strike a balance between skills and process foci. Wherever possible ICT assignments are tied into work from other subjects, to the benefit of the ICT and contributory subject curriculum, and of course the student. In addition, Teachers from many subjects are increasingly booking the ICT suites in which to work on subject related material with their students, to great success. Along with numeracy and literacy, ICT has become an essential core skill.

To know more about the Key Stage 3 Curriculum please visit the QCA and the DfES Standards websites.

Broad Scheme of Work

We have made many changes to the KS3 curriculum for ICT this year incorporating the use of cutting edge software and fun and exciting projects. The year 9 curriculum is completely new and has been dramatically changed from previous years. We have introduced "Robotics" into year 9 which should inspire and motivate our students even further.

Student Requirements

  • You are required to purchase a USB portable disk drive (Thumbdrive) we recommend 1Gb and above. This will be used to store and back up documents which can be worked on at home and school.
  • PC with Windows XP/Vista and Office 2003 or above (preferably MS Office 2010).
  • Internet access from home.