ICT - Key Stage 4

IGCSE in Information and Communication Technology

The Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in ICT is designed for use in international schools and colleges. CIE IGCSE in ICT is designed as a two-year course. It aims to encourage the exploration and study of ICT in a variety of contexts: home, community, business, industry, recreation and education. In any given situation students will have the opportunity to acquire competence, ability and critical skills through the implementation, use and evaluation of a range of ICT systems. Students can develop their interests in, enjoyment of and critical reflections on ICT as an integral part of modern society.

Key Subject Aims

The Edexcel IGCSE in ICT enables students to:

  • acquire and apply ICT skills, knowledge and understanding in a range of contexts
  • develop ICT-based solutions to address challenges and solve problems
  • develop an understanding of ICT systems
  • develop an understanding and awareness of current and emerging technologies
  • develop an awareness of the legal, social, ethical and environmental consequences of the use of ICT systems for individuals, organisations and society
  • recognise potential risks when using ICT and develop safe, secure and responsible practice

Key Features and Benefits of the Specification

  • Modern, relevant content which prepares students for using computers and software in real work situations
  • 100% examination
  • Examination are one theory paper and two practical papers
  • All students should already have a good grounding in ICT from their Key Stage 3 studies which would enable them to study this at IGCSE with confidence