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As part of the whole school house competitions, the Mathematics Department holds an annual competition for all Key Stage 3 students.

Year 7's competition comprises of sections on topics such as Puzzles, Problem Solving and Algebra, teams are encouraged to find the best strategy for organising themselves to tackle as many questions as accurately as possible.

The Year 8 Competition involves an individual round, the second and third rounds are carried out in groups, the second round consists of problem solving with the teams split into two groups, whilst the final round requires teams to organise themselves to solve a range of mathematical questions.

In Year 9 the students work collaborately on solving a range of problems, moving to six different rooms in the Mathematics Department. Some questions involve algebraic manipulation, some are purely numerical, some practical and others required some lateral thinking.

House Competition 2013 Results

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PlaceYear 7Year 8Year 9
1st Unicorn Salamander Dragon
2nd Roc Unicorn Salamander
3rd Salamander Dragon Unicorn
4th Griffin Roc Phoenix
5th Dragon Phoenix Griffin (5th=)
6th Phoenix Griffin Roc (5th=)

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World Mathematics Day 2012 (uniting the World in Numbers!)

“Wait, ready, steady, go…” “Oh no I got someone in Malaysia.“Hey I have you.” All this and more could be heard coming from the ICT rooms on March 7th as all our Key Stage 3 students joined in with schools across the world on World Maths Day to attempt to reach a record number of questions answered. All in all over 400 million questions were answered correctly on the day, with our pupils contributing 137 023 of those, in their session, which was limited to one hour.

This year the Mathematics Deaprtment ran the competion in the College as a house competition.  Great fun was had by all in a very competitive environment!

The overall positions were:

  • 1st Phoenix (26 625 correct answers)
  • 2nd Dragon (25 721)
  • 3rd Roc (22 291)
  • 4th Salamander (21 913)
  • 5th Unicorn (20 480)
  • 6th Griffin (19 993)

The date for World Mathematics Day 2013 is 6th March Watch this space for updates.

Middle East Maths Challenge

Early in May 77 of the Year 7 and 8 students took part in their spare time in the Middle East Maths Challenge and together gained 78 884 challenge points. As we have come to expect some of our students did exceedingly well. Special praise goes to Ayaaz Ahmed and Rohan Suresh who achieved places in the top 100 competitors.  Rohan was placed sixth overall, as well as being the top scorer in Qatar. As a result he has been requested to be an 'ambassador' for Qatar in the next competition.

 Mathematics Challenge (UKMT)

The UKMT Individual Mathematics Challenges are lively, intriguing multiple choice question papers, which are designed to stimulate interest in Mathematics in large numbers of pupils. The three levels cover the secondary school range 11-18 and together they attract over 600,000 entries from over 4000 schools and colleges across the globe.

Senior Challenge - November 2012

In November some of our most mathematical Year 11, 12 and 13 students took part in this competition. Between them they earned:

  • 3 Gold certificates
  • 12 Silver certificates
  • 7 Bronze certificates

On Tuesday 6th November our top mathematicians in Years 11, 12 and 13 faced the UKMT Senior Challenge paper. Almost 60% of them earned certificates. Congratulations to the three students who achieved gold awards: Ben Walters and Sana Tariq in Year 13 and Tisal Edirisinghe in Year 12. A special mention also to Kinza Asim who was our top scorer in Year 11 and achieved a silver certificate.

Intermediate Challenge - February 2013

With just over 100 participants from years 9 to 11, more than half of the students achieved certificates. In particular,

  • 15 Gold certificates
  • 23 Silver certificates
  • 22 Bronze certificates

Special mentions to Thomas Bolton in Y9 who goes through to the Grey Kangaroo round. Michael Young and Jyothsna Prakash in Y10 who go through to the Pink Kangaroo round. Musa Saeed and Amine Messaoui in Y11 who also go through to the Pink Kangaroo round. And extra congratulations to Kinza Asim in Year 11 who gets through to the Maclaurin Olympiad round with the highest score ever recoded by a Doha College student in this challenge.

Junior Challenge - 2013

  • 14 Gold certificates
  • 19 Silver certificates
  • 37 Bronze certificates

Congratulations to the following students who achieved Gold Certificates:

Francesca Jones, Adam Gafar, Zhariff Hazali, Killian Lines, Harry Smith, Ridhima Kaul, Khaled Azzam, Ashan Ginige, Khasim Haider, Pranav Pradeep and Ayaaz Ahmed in Year 8.

Natasha Jago and Elissa Healey in Year 7 .

A special mention to Kiara Fernando and Chloe Adelaja in Year 6 who achieved Bronze certificates.

And finally, well done and good luck to Naveen Anthony of 8D who was the highest scorer in the school and is through to the Junior Mathematical Olympiad to be held on 11 June.

Important dates

House Competitions

Year 7 – 18th June 2014 (period 1, 2) – Old Hall

Year 8 – 24th March 2014 (period 5) – maths classrooms

Year 9 – 13th and 14th May 2014 (periods 1) – maths classrooms


Junior Challenge – Years 6, 7, 8 – 1st May 2014 (period 2) – Auditorium

Intermediate Challenge – Years 9, 10, 11 – 6th February 2014 (period 4) – Auditorium

Senior Challenge – Years 12, 13 – 7th November 2013 (period 4 plus break) – Old Hall

Harry Potter Project – Year 7 – February 2014

Fibonacci – Year 8 – 12th January 2014 (period 2) – Auditorium

Drop Dead Gorgeous – Year 8 – 26th January 2014 (period 2) – Auditorium

Tessellations – Year 7 – June 2014

World Maths Day

Year 7 – 12th March 2014 (period 2)

Year 8 – 13th March 2014 (period 1)

Year 9 – 13th March 2014 (period 4)

IT 1, 2, 3, 7 rooms booked

Middle East Maths Day – TBC