Mathematics - Key Stage 3

The Mathematics Department is committed at Key Stage 3 to seeing that all our pupils reach their potential in this subject. To ensure that this is accomplished we hope to inspire and engage the pupils at this young age.

To challenge our students we work from the National Curriculum Frameworking Pupil Book 3. Students are set in Year 7 based on their previous Key Stage 2 assessment levels and their Cognitive Ability Tests. In Years 8 and 9 we continue to use these two measuring tools but also look at their past performance. Any new students arriving at the school will be tested on arrival and then set according to their performance and the available data we have from their previous school.

To engage our students we keep the lessons fun, enjoyable and run competitions alongside the challenges of their everyday work.

The standard of mathematical students at Doha College is extremely high and to encourage further development we offer the top set in Year 9 the opportunity to start their IGCSE that year.

The Year 7-9 courses are delivered through four main branches of Mathematics.

  • Algebra
  • Number
  • Geometry
  • Statistics

To continuously monitor the progress of students, assessments are based on these areas of Mathematics. The achievement of students can be measured against the National Curriculum levels to identify their progress.

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