Music - Extra Curricular

Music plays a significant role in the life of Doha College.

In order to encourage and support our students in all aspects of their musical development, the Music Department at Doha College offers a varied programme of extra-curricular activities. Key Stage 3 Choir and Senior Vocals give those who enjoy singing the opportunity to sing in harmony and as part of an ensemble. Instrumental ensembles and flute choir are available to those who have instrumental lessons, and band rehearsals take place on a daily basis in our practice rooms and recording studio. Annual concerts and recitals showcase the success of these ensembles.

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The highly successful, annual, inter house music competition takes place in March each year and attracts around 150 students from across the secondary and senior schools, all eager to rehearse for and compete in one or more of the six categories: KS3 and senior instrumental solos, KS3 and senior vocal solos, house band and house choir. Congratulations to Salamander – winners of the House Music Competition 2010!

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The Music department also works collaboratively with the Drama Department in the production of highly acclaimed musicals such as Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Hairspray' and, most recently, 'Honk'.

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Our musicians also willingly support other departments in a variety of occasions, both inside and outside the school: Poetry Evening, Certificate Evening, DC MUN, Qatar MUN, Awards Ceremony, BSME Music camp and the prestigious 'Young Musician of the Gulf competition' are all occasions where music students are able to showcase their many talents.

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