Physical Education - Key Stage 4

Year 10 and 11 consists of 2 lessons of 60 minute per week. We offer a wider number of physical activities than in KS3 in order to encourage the pupils to diversify their understanding and experiences of exercise. This is specifically done to encourage a healthy lifestyle, which will hopefully be habit forming during the individual’s post-school years. Each block of work will last approximately 7 school weeks. Students also have the opportunity to study GCSE PE.


This course builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills established in Key Stage 3 Physical Education. It will give pupils an exciting opportunity to be involved in a number of different physical activities, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Students can perform in one or all of the following roles: player/ participant, leader or official. Students must have an interest in PE and sport, enjoy being active and appreciate the benefits of keeping fit and healthy.The theory side of the course develops knowledge and understanding of key concepts and systems and how they promote healthy, active lifestyles and sports performance. Topics covered in the theory unit include:

  • Healthy, active lifestyles benefits and influences
  • Concepts of health and fitness and the different training methods used to develop them
  • Applied anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular and skeletal systems
  • Physical activity to promote a healthy mind and body

Students will apply concepts by planning a personal training programme that they will perform and evaluate.
GCSE PE is a great course if you:

  • Have a keen interest in sport and always look forward to your PE lessons
  • Take part in sport outside of class time
  • Want to know more about the benefits of sport and exercise
  • Want to improve your performance in a range of activities
  • Are considering a sports-related career or A Level course

After completing the course:

As well as being the ideal preparation for the A Level Physical Education course, GCSE PE allows for progression to related vocational qualifications, such as BTEC Firsts and Nationals in Sport or Sport and Exercise Sciences.
The course develops the transferable skills and key skills that employers are looking for and can lead to a wide variety of employment opportunities. This can include further training in such areas as recreational management, leisure activities, coaching, officiating, the fitness industry, the armed forces and the Civil Services.


The GCSE course is assessed over two units:

  • Unit 1 is externally assessed through a written examination paper. This will contribute to a maximum of 40% of final marks
  • Unit 2 Students must be assessed in 4 practical components and will be awarded a maximum of 48% for their performances. Students must also perform an analysis of performance in one of their chosen sports. This in depth analysis will be worth 12% of their final mark