Primary Choir Programme 2017

Grand Final QPSCoY 2017

1st Place

Doha College ‘Fortes’ 

The Doha College ‘Fortes’ are made up of Year 4, 5 and 6, and some Year 3 children from the KS2 choir. The Key Stage 2 choir rehearses once a week, and each term they hold a Saturday morning Choir Workshop. DC ‘Fortes’ have enjoyed performing at the British Embassy, the St Regis Hotel and, of course, Shangri-La Hotel Doha.


2nd Place

Doha College ‘Prestos’

Doha College ‘Prestos’ are made up of some Year 3 children from the Key Stage 2 choir, and Year 2 children from the Key Stage 1 choir. The Key Stage 1 choir and Key Stage 2 choir rehearse once a week and enjoy performing at various events throughout the year. Their greatest challenge is ensuring consistency between the choirs across campuses.

3rd Place

Newton British School Choir have lots of fun every week in and out of school. They range between 30 and 50 members and practise weekly. Over the years, they have taken part in many exciting opportunities. In school, the choir sings at the end of every term at events such as the School Fayre and Prize Giving. They have also had some fantastic opportunities to sing outside schools in places such as the Museum of Islamic Art and Choral Festivals. They thoroughly enjoy themselves learning lots of different songs from pop songs to traditional songs and, of course, making lots of new friends!



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The Independent Judges

Huge thanks to our independent judges Greg Beardsell, Alena Pyne, Sonja Park and Kees Wieringa, who lent their extraordinary expertise and made the event such a success. Click on their names to find out more about their backgrounds and their projects.

Press Coverage


Finalists’ bonus workshops

As a treat to the choirs who qualified to the final, Greg Beardsell, QPSCOY Head Adjudicator, held a series of workshops further igniting children’s love of singing. He hosted sessions bursting with energy and enthusiasm, during which Greg managed to teach complicated canons and rhythms in record time. His engaging personality had the children so entranced and listening with such magnetised attention, that the music simply poured in and out of them. Greg did not just teach the children songs, but also how to position themselves, how to focus, how to listen to the others and their own voices, what their responsibilities are and those of the conductor, and most importantly how singing in a choir is ultimately a team effort. The little singers also discovered how to add oomph to their singing by adding beats and effects using sound apps on their iPads, which they then started to sing in the playground at break!