Psychology - 6th Form

Syllabus Summary

Year 12 - AS Level (AQA) Year 13 - A2 Level (AQAl)

Unit 1

Do our brains work like computers? Why do we forget things and can we always trust the accuracy of our memories?

What is an attachment? How does the failure to form attachments affect our lives? Is daycare good for children?

Research Methods
How do Psychologists carry out their research? How is data analysed and what conclusions can be drawn from limited studies?

Unit 3

Biological Rhythms and Sleep



Unit 2

What influences people to obey and follow orders? What factors help us resist authority figures? How can a minority influence a majority group?

What are some causes of stress and how can we cope? How do our bodies respond to stress?

Individual Differences
How do you define abnormality? Which type of approach would you use to treat abnormality and what are the strengths and weaknesses of that approach?

Unit 4

Schizophrenia, depression or obsessive compulsive disorder

Psychology in Action
Media psychology, the psychology of addictive behaviour or anomalistic psychology

Psychological Research and the Scientific Method

Useful Websites