Science - Key Stage 4

Key features:

  • IGCSE Edexcel specification (4BI0, 4CH0, 4PH0 or 4SC0)
  • Single tier entry
  • Linear assessment
  • Assessment of investigative skills integrated within the examination papers
  • Combined Science – Core paper per Science subject
  • Separate Science – Core paper + extension paper per Science subject

Subjects Covered

Biology The nature and variety of living organisms
Structures and functions in living organisms
Reproduction and inheritance
Ecology and the environment
Use of biological resources
Chemistry Principles of chemistry
Chemistry of the elements
Organic chemistry
Physical chemistry
Chemistry in society
Physics Forces and motion
Energy resources and energy transfer
Solids, liquids and gases
Magnetism and electromagnetism
Radioactivity and particles

Why chose separate science?

  • More in-depth study of all three sciences content
  • Achieve 3 IGCSE grades in science (Chemistry, Physics, Biology)
  • Better prepared for AS and A2
  • Required by some universities for the more popular and challenging degree courses
  • Especially beneficial for those wanting to follow the medicine/engineering career pathway