Science - Setting

Pupils are set based on ability throughout years 7 to 11. The pupil's CAT scores, end of topic/year test results and assessed work are our main initial setting tool. This data is used to create sets and to inform teaching.

Where additional relevant information is available it is used to refine the setting process. To this end the following data is used to finalise pupils' sets.

Year Setting
Year 6 to 7 Mean CAT score + KS2 data + science entrance test score
Year 7 to 8 Mean CAT score + average year 7 topic test result + assessed work
Year 8 to 9 Mean CAT score + average year 8 topic test result + assessed work
Year 9 to 10 Mean CAT score + average year 9 topic test result + end of KS3 examination result + assessed work
Year 10 to 11 Mean CAT score + topic test results + end of year 10 examination results

Once sets have been created on this data they are checked by the science teachers to ensure the process has placed pupils fairly.

Movement between sets is possible and may take place after significant internal examinations and assessments throughout the year.