Year 11 Options

Preparing for Year 11

Where do I start if I do not know what career will suit me?

How do I plan if I am not sure that I will still be in Doha?

  • Still plan the A level choices for Doha College but research the opportunities in the country you may relocate to
  • Check college websites for their post 16 courses on offer and make this your reserve choice
  • Contact the country embassies to speak to student advisers for advice
  • Arrange to see your Careers Adviser in College for support

What if I do not know if I want to do A levels?

  • Arrange to see the Careers Adviser in College to discuss your options

How do I start to choose my A Level subjects?

  • Make a list of subjects you are good at and those you like the most. You need to gain a grade B in any subject you wish to continue to A Level at Doha College
  • List your strongest skills and use ‘Making Connections’ resource in the school library to check which subjects use them
  • Research A Level subject course content on www.dohacollege.comto see if it interests you. Do you prefer practical subjects and more coursework?
  • Talk to teachers about subjects they think you can achieve A Level in
  • Research careers and job families to find which subjects are needed for certain jobs using

Do I have to know what future career I want in order to choose my A level subjects?

  • No. You can choose A level subjects by those you are best at and enjoy
  • It is best to check which subjects go well together for future careers by using 'Making Connections' in the school library

Year 11 Calendar

September – December

  • Start identifying subjects for A level by thinking about:
    • Subjects you like
    • Subjects you get the best grades in
    • Which subjects go well together?
    • Where do your chosen subjects lead?
  • You can gain help with this by speaking to teachers, careers adviser and using information e.g. 'Making Connections' available in the school library and the online careers database
  • If you are planning to move back to the UK you can gain help from your careers adviser and contact Connexions in England and the Careers Services in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. If you are returning or moving to other countries you can contact the relevant embassy in Qatar to ask for support from their student adviser. You need to start your applications as soon as possible; some apprenticeship and college closing dates can be as early as February. To find your local Connexions Centre use
  • To help you decide on your options use the Connexions information available online at's_Your_Choice-2010-11.pdf. This magazine is issued to all year 11 students in the UK

January – April

  • Start listing subjects you feel you are interested in taking for A level. Talk to teachers, parents/guardians and your careers adviser about how suitable they are for you
  • Research possible career areas that interest you to check if there are subject requirements needed to enter higher education courses or jobs in this area
  • Attend open evenings available in your school; this is an opportunity for you and your parents to find out more about the subject being offered
  • Apply for the A Levels you wish to take by the deadline you have being given; failing to meet deadlines can result in a place not being offered

May - June

  • You should have now completed application forms for your chosen route
  • Exams are in May and June. The official school leaving date in the UK is the last Friday in June; anyone returning to the UK who is officially a year 11 school leaver cannot work full time before this date
  • If you need to re-take GCSEs in Qatar you can contact the British Council or Cedars Tutoring Centre